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Unsere AGB's

Profilé :

       Aero Slim Frame Profile
In order to create a greater force within a badminton frame, an increased quantity of construction material must be used within the power generating area of the racket: the shaft.

    Aerodynamic Frame Profile
Carlton rackets feature a unique aerodynamic frame profile which optimises airflow around the racket. This significantly reduces the amount of drag experienced during play to maximise head speed for both power and quickest possible reaction time. Aerodynamic profile technology is featured in all Carlton's premium construction rackets. The new ultra premium Fireblade rackets combine the sharpest achievable head profile with a flat-box throat area for torsional stability.

Bi-Axial Dynamics:

       Bi-Axial Dynamics:
A unique frame construction that develops more efficient aerodynamics in both phases of a players swing.

Géometrie du tamis :

       IsoFrame™   IsoFrame™ Head Geometry
IsoFrame™ head geometry features increased main string length versus classic head shapes and is ideal for all player standards seeking an enlarged sweetspot for ultimate powerful playability.

     Optimetric Headshape:
Optimetric head geometry delivers both power,airspeed and control in one frame.

Construction et Materiaux :

       Nanopulse™ Construction Technology :
Nanopulse™ Carbon construction is a micro-molecular technology that delivers a revolutionary breakthrough in
Carlton racket performance. Standard carbon constructions lack consistency at the micro-molecular level and as a result incorporate billions of nano-scale voids between the carbon fibres. Nanopulse™ carbon construction features a unique nano resin that binds all the carbon fibres together during the production process to create an ultra consistent and stable construction with maximum molecular uniformity.

The result is a significantly increased pulse of reactive energy within the racket structure on shuttle impact compared to standard carbon construction. This pulse of energy delivers ultimate power and control for noticeable performance enhancement. All of Carlton's new ultra premium Fireblade rackets incorporate Nanopulse™ construction.

     Japanese HM Carbon

Sourced for Japan, Japanese Hi Modulus Carbon is the highest specification carbon available on the market ensuring your Carbon frame will outperform all other construction materials for frame response and stability.

     Xtreme Tension Frame
Precision engineering and the utilisationof the finest construction materialsensures your Carlton frame can accommodate 11% higher string tensions compared with competitor frames.

 Tecnologie Additionnelle :

    Stabilisor Topcap:
By introducing 4 convex channels into the top cap, stiffness of the top cap is increased allowing for greater shot accuracy and control

   Ultra lite Cap
Using a matrix structure, Carlton has re engineered the end cap to reduce its weight by 28% contributing to overall enhanced playability.

Pro V12 Grommets :

Positioned at 3 and 9 oclock, these specialized grommets have been softened to allow greater string movement thereby increasing power across the hitting zone.

Carlton Flex System™

Carlton's newest Flex System™ is the result of extensive research to create unbeatable flex performance, coupled with optimal ferule shape for playability. CFSV™ features a unique dampening polymer that cushions the connection point between the racket shaft and handle. This powers the shaft flex point to maximise recoil ' strength on shuttle impact for ultimate power. CFSV™ also features a flattened front section and unique ergonomic ferule shape at the point of connection between racket shaft and handle to deliver unbeatable player feel, particularly for service and net play. Carlton's new ultra premium Fireblade rackets all incorporate CFSV™ technology.

Direct Fibre Transfer
Utilising a carbon inner core and PU outer coating a direct carbon link is established between shaft and handle enhancing power transfer and sensory feedback resulting from shuttle impact.


Dieses Produkt haben wir am Sonntag, 13. September 2009 in unseren Katalog aufgenommen.
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