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Wilson k Factor Tennis Technology
[kfactor tech]

K Factor Technology


The number one tennis brand, Wilson, has officially unveiled its new K Factor technology discovery in Las vegas at the end of February.

It consists in the association of the latest-generation nanotechnologies, with three unique innovations in frame conception. [K] Factor offers tennis players an ultimate level of [K]ontrol for all types of players. The world number one, Roger Federer, who has played a central role in the conception and development of the new racquets [K] Six.One, has answered the public’s interrogations in Dubaï. About the influence of the [K] Factor on his way of playing tennis, he has simply said: « The [K] Six.One gives me incredible sensations. With [K] Factor, Wilson has taken racquet technology to a whole new level and I love what it brings to my control in the game. » Federer has changed for a [K] Six One during the Australian Open, where he flew through the championship wihtout losing one single set!

« [K] Factor is a great innovation in racquet technology because it does not only consist in one but in four new technical exclusive evolutions that work together to bring each player a real improvement. It is a real technological system, and its result is incredible control! » Jon Muir, CEO of the Wislon Racquet Sports sector, has stated. « It has clearly made a difference for players at all levels».

Manufactured on the nanotechnological platform nCode (Wilson’s best sales), [K] Factor now takes the process to a new level by working with the Black [K]arophite . It is an innovant structure created by the association of black carbon, graphite and SiO2 at the nanoscopic scale, which allow for denser and more resistant racquets. Wilosn has then added exclusive frame conception techniques to design the complete [K] Factor selection. These technologies provide maximum control to the players while preserving optimal power and strength.


The four [K] Factor key technologies are :
- [K]arophite Black : a revolutionary structure designed thanks to a nanoscopic scale process which brings more sensations, a more resistant and more stable racquet.
- [K]onnector : two external wings on both sides of the frame to increase the time of contact between the ball and the string. This improves both control and comfort, with a wider strike zone.
- [K]ontour Yoke : a new frame conception technology which improves the stiffness on key points along the frame for a better torsion stability.
- [K]ompact Center : design innovation wich enhances the grip and handling of the racquet, with better sensations. Directly inspired by the world number one, Roger Federer!

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Este producto esta en nuestro catálogo desde viernes 11 septiembre, 2009.
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